Father’s Day Trio, Read Aloud to Dad!

Allowed to Read Aloud:

Whether you have a toddler, a special K kid (Kindergartener), an eight-year-old or any age in between, here are three fantastic read-alouds for Father’s Day. This Sunday, make dad a cup of coffee and help your kids read aloud one of these books to him. They may even think of creative gifts to go along with the book. Better yet, they can do some of the activities shared in the story . . . together with Dad!

Toddler Time:


Gift Ideas: Dad’s favorite ice cream, DIY kite, Duck food to feed ducks together

Spot Loves His Daddy By Eric Hill “Spot is happy. He and his daddy are spending the whole day together.” Isn’t that the essence of Father’s Day? Playing soccer, flying a kite, feeding ducks, eating ice cream, reading a bedtime story  all become magical for one reason . . . They are all done with Dad.


Special K Time:


Gift Ideas: Yard tools, Song for Dad on instrument

My Father is Taller than a Tree By Josepth Bruchac, Illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin “Pop doesn’t need to buy me stuff. Just being with him is enough.” Halperin illustrates Dads and sons from all different cultures doing very simple, fun activities—just father and son. Written in couplets, this rhyming picture book encourages dads to keep investing into the next generation. “When I grow up and have a kid, we’ll do all the things that Dad and I did.”



 Daddy Date at Eight:


Gift Ideas: Car wash, Car ride, Card, (water fight?!)

The Night Before Father’s Day By Natasha Wing, Illustrated by Amy Wummer While Dad is out biking, the family gets busy to prepare for Father’s Day. They organize the garage, wash his car, fill up the oil tank, make a card, and fall fast asleep from all their work. The next morning when dad tastes the yummy breakfast they made just for him and sees all their hard work and gifts just for him, he is amazed. The “World’s Greatest Dad” and family ride off in their newly washed car for a Sunday afternoon drive . . .on “the best Father’s Day”.


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*Article Originally written for The Senior Voice, http://www.theseniorvoice.com

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  1. Natasha Wing says:

    Enjoy celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday!

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