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Welcome to Kidsbook Friends!
Angela Henderson

After earning a degree in Secondary English Education,  I had the privilege of teaching  English Language Arts at the middle school level and coaching writing teams. Helping my students develop their skills and creativity was a wonderful preview of the delight waiting for me in discovering and drawing out my own children’s imaginations. Christian, our oldest son, is ten; Victoria, the rose in the middle, is eight; and Andrew, always our baby, is 4. Over these past ten years, the number of trips to our library & the number of books we’ve enjoyed reading together are countless. I consider reading kids books to our children my greatest credential and inspiration for composing this blog.

We have made many friends over these years and with each new book we read, we grow. Our children have stuffed animals named after animals in our favorite books. They draw the scenes and characters from our readings. They act out skits in our backyard and put on puppet shows with scenes from good dialogues we’ve read. They often say “that reminds me of” and list off a title of a book or a character, connecting their experiences to their reading. The best is when they wish they could do or experience something magical that has captivated them from their reading. No, actually the best is when they have their own magical idea that lead us into writing books together.

Our imagination is growing. Our world is expanding. Our desire is to share all of this with you in hopes that you also will enjoy the friends we introduce to you while becoming our friend too . . . and one day, we may even be able to introduce you to our own books as that is our dream.

*My latest news is that I’m back in the classroom teaching ELA and enjoying the art of reading, writing, and grammar with my creative, bright 7th and 8th graders! I know they will be contributors to my blog which I guess should be called “tweenbookfriends.com”. But for now, we’ll just expand the age range to 13!

Enjoy the journey with my trio under ten and my classroom tweens.

Active Member of SCBWI
SCBWISociety of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
The international professional organization for writers and illustrators of
children’s literature


6 Responses to About the Author

  1. I like it, Angela. I am tempted to get this book out of the library even though my kids are older. 🙂

  2. Catherine Meekins says:

    Thanks for starting up this blog, Angela! I look forward to getting some ideas for reading time with my little ones!

  3. Erin Quinn says:

    I’m excited to follow your blog Angela…we can NEVER get enough books at our house so if you’re blog can give us some new ones to sink our teeth into…count me in!!!

  4. Amy L. Watson says:

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about these books girl! Love and miss you!

  5. Lucinda Rogers says:

    So proud of you Angela! What a great resource you are providing for us!

  6. Regena says:

    Looking forward to reading your updates!!

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