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Welcome to KidsBook Friends!


This blog is for you if you are trying to:

  • Discover new book titles to share with children.
  • Gather practical, creative ideas on how to help children interact with books through activities, questions, crafts, and games.
  • Help a child who is reluctant or resistant to reading find an engaging book.
  • Find a book fitting for a season or an occasion (birthday, new baby, moving, etc.).
  • Meet new friends and go places that you & your audience may have missed otherwise!
  • Help children develop writing skills.
  • View model writings by students to enhance your own writing instruction.

This blog mainly features books geared for kids ages 0-10, but now that I’m back in the classroom, my audience will include middle school as well. Plus, I hesitate to put ages on the books I share with you because you know your audience and can read my descriptions, activities, and thoughts about each book and decide for yourself. Honestly, as an adult, I love these kids’ books, so although the reading level typically fits these ages, I feel like if I say these books are only for kids these ages, it’s like I’m saying ice cream is only for kids. Can you imagine the flavorful life we’d miss if we stopped having ice cream after age 10? You may find yourself enjoying these books as much as your audience.


“Don’t you know . . . that everybody’s got a Fairyland of their own.”

“When she came back from her Day Out, Jane and Michael came running to meet her.
Where have you been? they asked her.
“In Fairyland,” said Mary Poppins.
“Did you see Cinderella?” said Jane.
“Huh, Cinderella? Not me,” said Mary Poppins, contemptuously. “Cinderella, indeed!”
“Or Robinson Crusoe?” asked Michael.
“Robinson Crusoe-pooh! said Mary Poppins rudely.
“Then how could you have been there? It couldn’t have been our Fairyland!”
Mary Poppins gave a superior sniff.
“Don’t you know,” she said pityingly, “that everybody’s got a Fairyland of their own?”
And with another sniff she went upstairs to take off her white gloves and put the umbrella away.- Mary Poppins by P.L. Traverse


Each post you receive will help you find the “Fairyland” that you want to enter for a bit. You can take your children, grandchildren, students, or friends with you, or you can escape for a while on your own. Children’s books are not just for kids! You will meet many friends in each book and these faces will become a part of your life and the lives with whom you share them.

In each post, I introduce a  Featured Friend, a children’s book for you meet. I include simple, creative activities, questions, photos, and ideas for you to use with your audience.   Many of you have great Facebook friends, and I hope you will also find many amazing Kidsbook Friends!


Most pictures that I post are taken outdoors for several purposes:

Books take us to the world outside. We go places, learn things, meet characters, & taste, hear, see, feel, and smell things that our surroundings contain and beyond.

Books are meant to be enjoyed outdoors too. As an active child, I didn’t gravitate towards reading because I saw reading as only an indoor activity  and I wanted to be outdoors.  Although I love reading to our older two children, Christian & Victoria, while tucking them into their beds at night, and our youngest son, Andrew, while rocking him in the rocking chair, I want to promote reading beyond the four walls, so each photo is an invitation to come out with me.

Books are like a garden. They promote life, beauty, and growth. Thus, many pictures are taken in my garden- The very place in which I enjoy working because I can  be outdoors. The only thing better than working in the garden is reading next to it.

*Excited to add student photos too as I publish their exemplary writings on my blog!
(with written consent from students and parents)

Come and grow with me as I introduce you to many friends on this journey.

*Professional family photos were taken by Maria Holland: www.hollandcreations.com


Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share




My Three Inspirations 2014


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Terrific Trio 2016


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  1. Chris Anderson says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog. The Scarecrow’s Hat has been one of my favorite autumn read alouds.

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