My Daddy, “A Father’s Day Delight”

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Although the only stripes your dad may wear are the ones on his tie, “My Daddy” is a cute, fun book that’s just purrfect for Father’s Day!

Our Featured Friend: “My Daddy”
Written by Julia Hubery, Illustrated by Rebecca Elliott

As with most holidays, part of the fun is developing “family traditions”. For Father’s Day, the kids and I always enjoy going to the bookstore and library and finding good “Daddy’s Day Books” to read to him while he eats the breakfast we attempt to make together. While perusing the shelves at Barnes and Noble last week, this is one that we selected for this Father’s Day. Here’s why . . .

Introducing “My Daddy”:

Dads are so different all over the world,
with feathers or fins, or tails that are curled.
Some dads are big and some dads are small,
but whose dad is really the best of them all?

The bright pictures of animals, featuring “father and child” varieties , throughout this fun poetry book grab children’s interest. Kids enjoy seeing what animal dads do and what they are like. By the author creatively crafting characteristics of the animals, children can relate these descriptions to their own dads, or “father-figures” in their lives as well as appreciate the differences in dads.

For example, Kangaroo Dad bounces so high with  joey on his back that it’s like flying in the sky . . . Children can relate this to the piggy back rides or tosses in the air from Daddy or things of like nature.

Tiger Dad roars so loudly that it scares other animals, but when he’s with his little tiger, “he’s a softie-puss” . . . Children can sense other’s impressions of their dad outside of the home, but to them, he’s “just dad”.

Crocodile Dad’s teeth give others a scare, but his crocodile kid feels safe at his side.  . . Children can find safety in their dad’s protection of them from harm.

Supermouse Dad is big, brave and strong and he gets food for little mouse without the cat seeing . . . Children sense their dad’s provision.

Chameleon Dad is hard to spot, but his son can find him . . . Children can easily think of the games of hide-and-seek with their dad.

Owl Dad is of coarse wise, but it’s with his magical eyes that he catches his owlet sneaking up on him to begin their night of play .  . . Children can think of a time that Dad has stayed up with them “past bed time” having fun.

Octopus, Monkey, Elephant and Whale all have special times with their kids, and the closing page captures the essence of the poem,

So whose dad is best and what makes him top?
A long, curly nose, or a huge, bouncy hop?
However dads look, whatever they do,
YOUR dad is the best,
and he thinks you’re great too!

Inviting You To Become FRIENDS With “My Daddy”:
Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

* Select a few of these questions and ideas to include in your own design for dad on a card, picture, or in a presentation. *You may want to do it for a grandfather, relative or friend that is like a father to you.

F-  When do you feel protected (cared for) by dad (like owlet)?

R-  How can you relate to little joey when his dad Kangaroo took him for a fun ride?

I-  Imagine that you and your dad could be any of these animals. Which father-kid combo of animals would you pick and why? *You could draw the animals, and from a photograph, cut out the faces of your and your dad and glue it on the animal faces!

E- Explore activities to do with dad that are inspired from this book. Share your list with him in your card, picture or presentation. For example, hide-and-seek like chameleon, swimming like elephant, swinging like monkey . . .

N- Navigate (map out) your father’ day plans by creatively sharing what’s in store for him that day. *You could draw a time-line picture beginning with the sun with eggs sunny side up, kids piled on top of dad in the bed, a picnic lunch . . .

D- Develop one more father-kid animal page to this book by selecting one that you feels fits you and your dad best.

S- Share this book with your dad on Father’s Day. Have your children take turns reading the pages to him.

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