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Father’s Day Trio, Read Aloud to Dad!

Allowed to Read Aloud: Whether you have a toddler, a special K kid (Kindergartener), an eight-year-old or any age in between, here are three fantastic read-alouds for Father’s Day. This Sunday, make dad a cup of coffee and help your kids read aloud … Continue reading


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Tribute to Parents, 6 Books for Mother’s & Father’s Day

  As Mother’s Day is only one month away with Father’s Day quickly following, now is a good time to purchase some special books to celebrate! Quarterly I have the opportunity to write for The Senior Voice in the section: “Grand Times, Reading with … Continue reading

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The Night Before Valentine’s Day, “Cards, Candy Hearts & Cupid”

Anticipating a holiday is half the fun, which is why Natasha Wing’s “The Night Before” Series is so great. Her Valentine’s Day poem-picture book is no exception. We “love” it! Introducing Our Featured Friend: The Night Before Valentine’s Day by … Continue reading

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The Night Before the 100th Day of School, “100 Days Older, Smarter, & Cool”

Most students are approaching their 100th Day of School. Our kids are excited for Thursday, February 5th to celebrate their 100th Day by dressing up like they are 100 years old! See how other students celebrate in Natasha’s Wing’s creative poem. Introducing Our Featured … Continue reading

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The Mitten, “One Size Fits All”

Jan Brett takes a Ukrainian folktale and adds her own ideas to make it one of her most loved stories. After visiting the Ukrainian section of NYC to learn more about their culture, she created her endearing drawings.  Since 1989, kids … Continue reading

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