Birthday Monsters, “Best Day of the Year”

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eatured Friend: Birthday Monsters by Sandra Boynton is the book of the month for our family because the best day of the year is coming up for two of our kiddos. Christian will be eight and Victoria will be six this month and the count down to their birthdays began in January! With so many great birthday books to read, we picked this one because it is fun, clever, short, satisfying and memorable.

Introducing the 5 Birthday Monsters: After great anticipation, the big day finally arrives and to celebrate, five unexpected friends barge into the main character’s home at 6:00 AM to kick off the birthday festivities. These five birthday monsters do some rather odd things: open his presents, eat his cake, raid his refrigerator, make a mess and go out the door. Looks like it’s not going to be the best day of the year after all, until they return and . . .
Get the book and see what surprises they have in store for the birthday boy when they come back.

Interacting with the Story: Become Friends with Birthday Monsters:

Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

Below is a FRIENDS list of activities for you to use with your audience. Ask the children the following questions and then take time to answer some of them yourself as children will enjoy hearing your childhood memories and will feel more connected with you.

F:   How do you think the main character feels during the monsters’ first visit? How do you think he feels after their second visit? What makes you feel good on your birthday?

R:   Can you relate to feeling surprised on your birthday? Were you happy with the surprise?

I:   What is the best birthday celebration that you can imagine? Who would be there? What would you do? Where would you want to be for your birthday?

E:   Explore what children in other countries do on their birthdays to celebrate.

N:   Navigate where you would send these five birthday monsters next!

D:   Develop a plan to help a friend feel special on his/her birthday. Be a nice birthday monster to a friend!

S:   Share what special memory, gift or guest you had for one of your birthdays.

*Although this book is geared mainly for little kids, I think it’s one that all ages will enjoy!

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Happy Birthday Christian & Victoria! May your birthday always be the best day of the year for you no matter what your age. Surprises await you.



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  1. I think this book teaches kids subtly that we go to birthday parties to celebrate the person with the birthday, not for what we can get from the party. I also like how it wraps up in the end. Just when you are thinking, “Man, this isn’t fair!” the story adds a satisfying twist! Thanks for posting.

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