One Snowy Night, “Final Days of Winter” 3


“Percy helped the mole up through the hole in the floor, sat him on his hot water bottle to get warm and put the floorboard back.”

Featured Friend: One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth

Saying Goodnight to Percy and Friends: We left Percy and his friends quite content knowing that the noise was not a monster but just a mole. The creatures all found  cozy places in Percy’s hut to sleep for the night. But what about the mole? What place did he find to sleep? The last page tells us:
“Percy yawned and snuggled down into his own bed once again.
‘That’s better. Now I’ve got plenty of room,’ he said. ‘And a little to spare . . . for a mole!'”

Interacting with the Story:
Become Friends with One Snowy Night:

Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

Below is a FRIENDS list of activities for you to use with your audience.

F:   When did you feel compassion on an animal & what did you do to help the creature? R:   When can you relate to feeling so cold that you couldn’t wait to  get inside? These stories can elicit various emotions that can be explored. (For example: A child can recall a wonderful snow day where he/she felt happy, or a child may recall not having a warm enough coat and feel a sad lack of provision. Try to relate to the child as they relate to the story.)
I:     Imagine being a park ranger for a day and share what you think would be most exciting about that job.
E:   Explore the national parks around your area by researching them on-line and discover their climate and most common animals.
N:  Navigate where you think the animals may hide in Percy’s hut when they get frightened.
D:   Develop an ending for the story at the point where they hear the strange noise.
S:   When have you shared your home with friends? How did it make them feel?

Please let me know which ideas you found most helpful while interacting with this book & please subscribe to the blog to meet your next featured friend!

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