Never Lonely

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You are never lonely when you have a good book, for inside are friends who will not tell you who to be or how to live, but rather will invite you to join alongside them for the journey. At the end, inevitably you will never be the same person as you were before meeting them. Come discover these characters inside the “Featured Friend” introduced to you in each post.
What adventures will you share with your children? Who will you introduce to your children that will influence and help shape them? Buckle up and join us for the journey.


Please follow Kidsbook Friends and let me know what
Friends your children find most intriguing along the way!

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2 Responses to Never Lonely

  1. I’m excited to follow along. Can’t wait!!

  2. Catherine Meekins says:

    Great reminder of the psychological and emotional benefits of reading when we hear so much about the academic importance of it. Reading is a joy!:) Thanks!

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