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Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas, “A Christmas Eve Adventure”

    Every season, we look forward to having an adventure with Fletcher. This winter, our friend finds himself helping his friends on a snowy Christmas Eve. Stick around to see if Santa finds his way to the rabbits’ new home! Introducing Our … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Little Owl! “Sights at Night”

  Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is enchanting, uplifting and magical. How about seeing that first Christmas night through the eyes of an owl? Let’s see . . . Introducing Our Featured Friend: Merry Christmas, Little Owl! … Continue reading

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Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree, ” . . . Another Man’s Treasure”

Every Christmas, we look forward to seeing Mr. Willowby and his Christmas tree. After we decorate our tree, we sit down and enjoy this treasured Friend. Pages of poetic couplets unfold a circular story that will delight your family. Enjoy this “Special … Continue reading

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The Tale of Three Trees, “Keep Your Dream Alive!”

Introducing Our Featured Friend: The Tale of Three Trees A Traditional Folktale Retold by Angela Elwell Hunt, Illustrations by Time Jonke When three trees dreamed of what they wanted to become when the grew up, they couldn’t imagine how the … Continue reading

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Shall I Knit You a Hat? “A Perfect Fit”

Shall I Knit You a Hat? fits our Kidsbook Friends theme this week: “The Season for Giving”.  Today’s title could be considered a “Guide for Giving a Gift that Fits“. The creativity, consideration, and cleverness that Mama Rabbit and Little Rabbit practice when sharing gifts with their … Continue reading

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