Shall I Knit You a Hat? “A Perfect Fit”

Shall I Knit You a Hat? fits our Kidsbook Friends theme this week: “The Season for Giving”.  Today’s title could be considered a “Guide for Giving a Gift that Fits“. The creativity, consideration, and cleverness that Mama Rabbit and Little Rabbit practice when sharing gifts with their friends will make your ears perk up!

Introducing You To Our Featured Friend: Shall I Knit You a Hat?
a Christmas Yarn . . . by Kate Klise, Illustrated by M. Sarah Klise

We all love to give gifts that really fit the personality, interests, needs, and even literal size of the receiver. But, the hard part is discovering that gift.

When Mama Rabbit heard the news that a big blizzard was coming their way, she knew that the snow wouldn’t stop until it reached Little Rabbits ears.

“My ears?” asked Little Rabbit. “But that will be very cold.”
“You’re right,” said Mother Rabbit. “Shall I knit you a hat to keep your ears warm?”
“Yes, please,” said Little Rabbit. “A Christmas hat, just for me.”

When he excitedly received his new hat, he had a thought . . . “What about our friends?”
They needed a hat to keep warm too! A very hoppy idea indeed! And the next day, they visited each friend to secretly take their measurements. Little Rabbit distracted the horse, goose, cat and other friends while Mama Rabbit got their sizes. Then back in their cozy home, they began knitting. Little Rabbit came up with all the ideas and Mama helped until late into the night.

Just in time before the blizzard, Little Rabbit surprised his friends with their new hats. Goose’s hat included a scarf for her neck; Horse’s hat covered his mane; Deer’s hat showed off his antlers . . .

As the snow fell, and they  headed home, Little Rabbit realized he forgot to make something for his mama. She reassured him that being with her thoughtful Little Rabbit was all she needed, and they topped off the night with yummy carrot cake!

Our “Guide for Giving a Gift that Fits”:
* Consider what gifts you’ve received that have met your needs.
* Ask, “Would my friends also like or need something I have?”
* Make a plan of how to make or buy those items for them.
* Enjoy the process of getting or making the gifts.
* Delight in giving the gifts!

Inviting You to Become FRIENDS with Shall I Knit You a Hat?:
eel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

Select a couple of questions or activities to do with your children or class:

F- How do you feel when you receive a gift that is bought or made just for you?

R- Can you relate to making or buying a friend a special gift? Tell about it.

I- Imagine that you could be any animal in the story wearing the cool, new hat. Which one would you pick?

E- Explore home-made gift ideas with your parents. You can make something simple that shows you are thinking of each of your friends! Check out Parent Map for Ideas:

N- Navigate your way through this adorable book by this author/illustrator “sister team”:

D- Develop a design for a hat for a friend, doll, stuffed animal, or real animal! You can make the hat out of paper, fabric (by either using fabric glue or needle and thread), or  yarn. To knit a hat like Little Rabbits, follow the instructions included in the book!

S- Share your holiday gifts this year with MUCH love and joy to make the season warm for others!


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  1. Natasha Wing says:

    Lovely idea for a Christmas book.

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