Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to Our Kidsbook Friends,

Our family has put our hearts, hands and heads together to bring you JOY in the JOURNEY of living life looking for magical moments. As we’ve been inspired through beautiful books, blogs, and blessings, we’ve tried to post what may bring delight to your family.

This holiday season as we celebrated good Friday and await Easter Sunday, my kiddos and I are reminded of the message that Isaac shares with all of us:

¬†“Even when the magic seems gone, always remember to look for the rainbow.”

These past ten years has carried many storms for us in the forms of losses with my mother passing from cancer in 2010 and the close of a thirteen-year-marriage in 2014 with the father of my beautiful children. The message that I write in my children’s book is straight from our hearts as we’ve learned the beauty of making magical moments even when hope seems gone. HOPE always remains.

Whatever sorrows and joys you and yours are experiencing right now, may you too remember what the poet shares in Psalm 30:5,

“Weeping may endure for a night,
BUT joy comes in the morning.”

Happy Easter to you all.

Sincere Love,

Angela Henderson

Putting our hearts, hands, & heads together to inspire others.


Joy after Weeping, Victory from the Cross, Light through Darkness

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