The Story Behind the Story . . . Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree

Meet Isaac.

We love our Kidsbook Friends friends, YOU! Our greatest hope is that Isaac will become your friend too as you read about his adventures through the seasons with his magical sugar maple tree.

The Story Behind the Story

Our first book, Isaac’s Ice Cream Tree, is more than children’s book to our family:
It’s a journey. An adventure. A risk.

… A story written between the hard times of losing my mom to cancer and us entering unforeseen storms in our family— a writing that continues to bring a rainbow to our lives.

Christian, age 6, drawing Isaac’s tree for the talent show.


Every one had a hand in the project! (Andrew, 8 months)

Tori (age 4), a constant creative energy source!

Christian developed as much perseverance as he did creativity doing this project!

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