The Bed Ate My Sock!

“Where is your sock?”
“My bed ate it,” Johnny said.

Are we the only family that has “sock issues?” Yes, sock issues. You know, when you put 20 socks into the washer and dryer and somehow come out with 17 . . . and since the original 20 that went in didn’t even totally match since my kiddos lost several already, the 17 come out even more “odd”?!

Honestly, it’s so bad in our house that we thought of an invention to take on Shark Tank (our dream show) called “The Sock Lock” to help with this problem! We are that bad.  Anyone else?! 

When we read Cindy Rodella-Purdy’s book The Bed Ate My Sock, we immediately read it again and again . . . The creative approach she takes to a young boy misplacing his sock and the mother urging him to find it begins his imaginative adventure of searching all around his bedroom. He “calls in” the detectives, firefighters, dragons, pirates and more to help him search—but still no sock! Yes, he has quite an imagination and maybe not one that we moms always appreciate at the time. The ironic ending makes the book memorable and humorous. Cindy’s art work adds magic to her story. 


What a perfect gift idea to pair the book with a pair of socks!

Cindy is one of my favorites to follow on social media as she posts a cartoon-like-drawing daily that is delightful! She is an illustrator, designer, writer, and programmer.

Check her out at:

Dallas Friends, If you’d like to kick off your Thanksgiving family fun in a creative way, check this event out:

Join us at the Goldmark Cultural Center for a November Art Walk on Saturday, November 17, from 12-4pm. 
This event is free and open to the public.
1399 Goldmark Drive
Dallas TX 75240
Close to i-75 and 635
Cindy Rodella-Purdy will be joining her artist friends in Studio 141. Come by and do some holiday shopping. 
There will be jewelry, paintings, books and much more!
She’ll be doing a book signing with her recent book. “The Bed Ate My Sock!” 
First 18 customers get a free pair of kids socks with the purchase of a book! Makes a great holiday gift!



SCBWI North Texas Conference

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