Poetry Lesson: Emotion Poem, Color “Inside Out” of The Lines!

Poetry Lessons, Free Printables & Student Model Poems

Hi Friends,
I’m thrilled to share the poetry lessons my 7th graders just completed. They rocked poetry. As a teacher, I loooove when teachers share ideas with downloadable worksheets, so that’s what you’ll get below! Most of all, I’m excited to publish my students’ model poems. Enjoy the Learning Experience & Leading Examples. 

Poetry is Music & Music is Poetry.

Learning Experience: Emotion Poem

Model Texts taken from The Rider by Naomi Shihab Nye

The Rider Poem. Copyright Image

Lesson Plan Step-by-Step


  • Select one main emotion (or complimentary emotions) and create a web:
    • Emotion in the middle
      • Events causing that emotion (personal or in general)
      • Antonyms/opposite emotion
      • Synonyms for the emotion
      • Sensory details for the emotion
    • Create a poem expressing the emotion selected using sensory details, figurative language and an image or color

      Fun kid’s shirt purchased at Target. Wish they had one in my size! I’ll be using this for a prize.

Leading Examples: Model Emotion Poems by My Students

Click on the Poem to Enlarge! Enjoy these young poets’ work . . .

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