Reaching Rowdy Readers, Reading Club Lesson Plan: “Winter Wonders”

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Welcome to Kidsbook Friends Reading Club Mrs. Angela Henderson

Whether you are a librarian lining up your story time, a parent picking out picture books, or a teacher typing your lesson plans, this Reading Club Lesson Plan is for YOU.  All the books, activities, and even supply list are at your fingertips to save you time in the process. Plus, this lesson plan has already been “tested” and tweaked during my Friday Kidsbook Friends Reading Club. Have fun reaching your little rowdy readers!

Theme: Winter Wonders

Read Aloud Titles:
*The Mitten by Jan Brett
Animals should definitely not wear clothing by Judi Barrett, drawn by Ron Barrett Usborne Farmyard Tales, “The Snow Storm” by Stephen Cartwright & Heather Amery

Little Lessons:
Questions found on

Everyone squeeze into a sleeping bag together with an animal from The Mitten

Make a snow-white mitten from the coffee filters.

“Hot Chocolate” by John McCutcheon’s Four Seasons: Wintersongs Pick an instrument!

White-iced mitten sugar cookie with pack of hot chocolate to drink at home.

Share Your New Friend with Your Friends:
Jan Brett, The Mitten Cards

Supply List:
3 books, sleeping bag, stuffed animals, Cd, instruments, coffee filters, stapler, hot chocolate bags, cookies, cups, cards, pencils

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