Kidsbook Friends CONTEST: Share Our 100+ Books Blogged!

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Helping Kids Become Friends with Friendly Characters!

March marks Kidsbook Friends ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! To celebrate, we are giving away a free kids’ book. The winner will get to select a book from over 100 choices on our site.  To enter, simply share the link below on Facebook and then message me on Kidsbook Friends! Every time you share, you will be entered. We are 45 “Likes” away from our 1,000 Milestone on Facebook. Please encourage your friends to “Like” our page (not just the post) and be a part of our “1,000 Milestone Celebration”!

Share this link and encourage your Facebook Friends to make Kidsbook Friends their friend too:

*Winner will be selected in a drawing as soon as the 1,000th person “Likes” Kidsbook Friends! Can’t wait to see who that will be.

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                             ~My Three Inspirations~

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