Presidents’ Day, “RUSH to MORE than sales today!”



“We decided to put on a Presidents’ Day assembly program, telling the rest of our school some things we learned about some of our presidents.”

As we enjoy our day off school to celebrate Washington and Lincoln’s birthday, what better way to start the day than to read a short book sharing basic facts about Presidents’ Day in memorable ways. Before you rush to the sales, check this out:

Introducing Our Featured Friend: Presidents’ Day
by Anne Rockwell, Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell

When a class decided to put on a “Presidents’ Day assembly program, the kids really got into the spirit of the holiday. They made a papier-mâché of Mount Rushmore, assigned parts for their play, made props, and put on a drama sharing facts and stories about the presidents.

The audience got to see George Washington lead the American people to fight for their freedom from the king of England. Charlie, the tallest kid in the class, got to play Abraham Lincoln and say, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  Thomas Jefferson began sharing the Declaration of Independence but was interrupted by Theodore Roosevelt sharing his love of the great outdoors.

The students closed the play with their mural of the Giant Redwoods, Everglades and other natural beauties in America. Everyone joined on stage around Mount Rushmore for the final applause. Happy Presidents’ Day!

Inviting You to Become FRIENDS with Presidents’ Day:
, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

Select a few activities from the kid-friendly book guide while reading this book:

F- Do you feel excited about voting when you are 18? Have you had a class election yet where you got to vote? Why do you think voting is important?

R- What qualities of a good leader can you relate to having in your own character and personality? (Like honesty, bravery, loyalty . . .)

I- Imagine you get to play a part in their school play. Which president would you like to play? Why?

E- Explore fun facts about Washington and Lincoln by drawing a picture of them. Then draw silver circles around Washington (like quarters) and copper circles around Lincoln (like pennies) and draw or write the facts inside the circles.

N- Navigate your way through the United States of America by looking up the location of each place on the class mural: Giant Redwoods, Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, and Everglades.

D- Develop your own picture as a group of a beautiful place in America that you would like to “add to their mural”.

S- Share a yummy snack and cool craft for Presidents’ Day:


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