The Story of Snow, “Let Science & Art Give Your Snow Day a Fun Start”

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In Dallas, Texas, we do not get to enjoy much snow, but after living in other colder states like Virginia, New York and Ohio, I still love snow and so do our kids (except for our youngest because he’s never seen it!). After reading the science and art behind each  snowflake, a winter WONDERland is definitely a fitting name for a snowfall.

Introducing Our Featured Friend: The Story of Snow
by Mark Cassino with Jon Nelson, Ph.D.

If I could recommend one non-fiction picture book to science and art teachers to use for the snow portion of their weather unit, The Story of Snow is it. With 14 large, bold sentences, a kindergarten child can learn some of the basics:

Snow begins with a speck.
The speck becomes the center of a snow crystal.
A snow crystal forms as it falls . . .

Students in more advanced grades can understand the more detailed facts described under each sentence. For instance, here’s a  microscopic view of the journey from a spec to a snow crystal:

2015-01-11 15.40.14

Ending with the most popular snow-question, “Are no two snow crystals alike?” and a fun activity, “How to Catch Your Own Snow Crystals”, this story’s combo of science and art will get a snow day off to a great start!

 Inviting You to Become FRIENDS with Snow:
eel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

Select a few activities from the kid-friendly book guide while using this science story:

F- How do you feel when you hear the forecast calling for snow?

R- Did your know that you have something in common with a snowflake? Look at page 30 to see how YOU relate to a snow crystal!

I- Imagine that you are one of the kids on page 33 out in the snow catching snow crystals. Which  one of “snow-catching tips” would be most helpful to you?

E- Explore different ways to design paper snow crystals and enjoy the ART of a snowflake:

N- Navigate your way from spec to snowflake by designing your own chart or graph and enjoy the SCIENCE of a snow.

D- Develop your own snow man or have your own winter war on:  . . . Check out my snowman on the shore below!

S- Share a fun fact with a friend that you learned from this story during your next snow day!

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