Wonderful Winter Book for Each Grade Level (K-5)

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Have a “Hot-Cocoa-Class-Day” and Huddle Up for a Wonderful Winter Book!

Each book featured per grade level is appropriate for independent reading and selected based on standard reading skills. Very fun to read together as a class too, especially with cups of hot cocoa!

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Pip and Posy The Snowy Day by Axel Scheffler

Two friends set off to enjoy their snow day until they can’t agree on what head to give their snowman: mouse or rabbit ears?! Conflict, resolution modeled in simple language.
(You may recognize the author’s name as he illustrated The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child)



2015-01-09 14.40.33First Grade:
One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth

One by one, forest animals show up on the door steps of Percy, the park keeper. After letting each one inside to warm up, his little hut gets quite full. During  a scare from a mole entering through his floorboards, each animal finds a hiding spot and stays there nice and cozy for the night.



2015-01-09 14.41.22Second Grade:
Winter Friends by Mary Quattlebaum

Wonderful introduction to poetry as each page contains delightful poems of winter fun from icicles to sledding.





2015-01-09 14.39.40Third Grade:
Katy and the Big Snow
by Virginia Lee Burton

When a huge blizzard comes to the City of Geoppolis, Katy, the crawler tractor, has a chance to prove her strength by getting the town roads cleared to help many people do their jobs.




2015-01-09 18.16.06Fourth Grade:
Polar Bears Past Bedtime by Mary Pope Osborne
Magic Tree House #12

Twelve chapters with Jack and Annie in the frozen Arctic, unfold their dangerous story of meeting a friendly seal hunter and then a giant polar bear that may or may not be friendly!



2015-01-09 14.38.49Fifth Grade:
The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

This seven chapter book is packed with strong themes, rich dialogue and a noble adventure and has inspired works such as Disney’s Frozen and C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.




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