Before I Sleep, I Say Thank You, “Thanksgiving Every Night”

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We all have our nightly routines with our kiddos, including a hug and kiss while tucking them into bed. I always welcome ideas on how to help our kids “sleep tight” after I say “good night.” Recapping the day through giving thanks is a wonderful way to help them see their blessings and have sweet dreams. I can’t think of a better book this Thanksgiving week to feature than Before I Sleep, I Say Thank You.

 Introducing Our Featured Friend: Before I Sleep, I Say Thank You
Written by Carol Gordon Ekster, Illustrated by Mary Rojas

As Mommy “Choo-choos” and “flies” her son to bed to tuck him in, they close the night by reflecting over their day together. First, they share one thing they could have done better:

Mommy goes first. ‘When I saw Mrs. Nelson holding her groceries,
I wish I had stopped gardening to carry her bag. Next time I’ll help
no matter what I’m doing.’

Now it’s my turn.
‘I’m sorry I didn’t pick tomatoes with you when you asked.
Tomorrow I promise I’ll cooperate all day long!’

What a great way to express regret and model positive change rather than dwelling on mistakes and scolding!

 Then comes their special question, “What five things do you thank God for?” The little boy happily recalls Daddy reading him a story, his friend sharing a snack at lunch, big kids letting him play soccer at recess, catching a frog, and lastly, Mommy tucking him into bed.

After Mom says good night, he falls asleep thinking of more thanksgivings from his
day . . . helping him to sleep tight and have sweet dreams.

Why wait until we are at the Thanksgiving table to have our kids share what they are thankful for? This is a great way to bring Thanksgiving into our daily lives every night!

 Interacting With Our Friend: Author Activities

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2 Responses to Before I Sleep, I Say Thank You, “Thanksgiving Every Night”

  1. Thank you for writing about Carol’s book, Angela! 🙂 She is in my critique group. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Angela. For what you do for children, reading, familiy literacy, books, and authors. This book becomes available for purchase on December 1st, for Cyber Monday with a 15% discount at and should be available on Amazon as well. Thanks for writing about Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You. Teaching gratitude can change attitudes!

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