Kidsbook Friends Clip: 5 Books To Gobble Up This Thanksgiving

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We are getting our first colder weather here in Texas, and have moved our reading spot from the rocking chair to around the fireplace. Just in time for Thanksgiving snuggles! After you gobble up your Thanksgiving turkey this year, here are some books to top off your feast. Pull out a cozy blanket and read away:

5 Books To Gobble Up This Thanksgiving:

One Is A Feast For Mouse by Judy Cox, Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

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“Mouse saw a teensy-tiny, toothsome, green pea all by itself under a plate. Give thanks, he thought. One will be a feast for me.”

Mouse is content with one little green pea . . . until he sees the full  Thanksgiving spread. One item at a time, he piles up a big feast into his little arms. He’s balancing the bounty great until Cat creeps up on him and in fright, makes him drop it all.  Everything is a mess . . . until he spots the little green pea in the corner. Thankful, mouse takes the pea safely home and has his feast, perfectly content!

Fun story to teach contentment and the vises of  one’s “eyes being bigger than his stomach”!




A Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman, Illustrated by Jeff Shelly

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“A plump and perky turkey– stomachs rumbled at the thought. But how to trick a turkey into jumping in the pot?

The story unfolds in a fun rhyme with the hungry people of Squawk Valley trying to find a turkey for Thanksgiving. But, at the first sight of fall, all the turkeys leave for safety. So, one man gets an idea: “If we can’t find a turkey, let’s have one find us, instead!”

So, they hold an arts-and-crafts fair, and throughout out the forest, they post “model wanted” posters, picturing a terrific turkey.  Sure enough, one proud turkey shows up to model. But after posing, he blends in with the turkey art and then disappears! Outsmarting the people, they are left without a turkey for their feast.
Creative twist on the traditional Thanksgiving feast!


The Thanksgiving Bowl by Virginia Kroll, Illustrated by Philomena O’Neill

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“The yellow plastic ‘Thanksgiving’ bowl sat on the front-hall table beside a pad and pencil so that they all could jot down their ‘I Am Thankful For’ things.

At Grandma Grace’s house,  besides the traditions of family and food, she also has a fun way for her family to give thanks. From her yellow bowl, she pulls out completed “I Am Thankful For” slips of paper and the family guesses who wrote each one.

After their special time together eating outdoors, the yellow bowl is left unnoticed and is carried away by the wind. On its journey, it shields a mouse from being eaten by a owl, becomes a snowman’s hat, and much more until it ends up back at grandma’s house just in time for Thanksgiving.

Cute circular book that teaches months of the year, creativity, and lessons on gratitude.


Thanksgiving, What Makes It Special? by Harold Myra, Pictures by Jane Kurisu

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“Thanksgiving isn’t really Turkey Day or Pig-Out Day! . . . It’s about being thankful.”

Dad and Mom have a great talk with their three kids about what Thanksgiving really is all about while  cooking dinner and preparing for their guests.

From the historical story of the pilgrims to the Biblical story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers with only 1 returning to say thanks, the family explores what it really means to be thankful. When their extended family arrive, they are ready share God’s love with them while enjoying a Thanksgiving feast!

Great story to open up dialogue about history, Bible,  and life lessons.




Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

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“Well, a Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows.”

Autumn artistically unfolds as the leaves fall and leaf man journeys with the wind. He goes where the wind blows . . . past the chickens, over fields of pumpkins, over a turkey, flying over mountains with a flock of birds . . . landing where only the wind knows. As he travels, he takes the shape of what he passes.

So, when the leaves rustle near you, look for the Leaf Man. He can be in many shapes and sizes!

Incredible craft book to inspire your kids to create pictures out of leaves, making their own Leaf Man!



Culminating Activity:

For Thanksgiving a few years ago, we collected leaves and made our own Leaf Man by gluing leaves on construction paper. All around him, Grandma recorded our “I Am Thankful For” list as we went around the Thanksgiving table and shared our thoughts. We still have that Leaf Man, but there are many more waiting to be discovered in our yard and yours! Happy Thanksgiving.

2014-11-18 16.42.03
Our Thanksgiving Leaf Man, 2011.

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3 Responses to Kidsbook Friends Clip: 5 Books To Gobble Up This Thanksgiving

  1. Natasha Wing says:

    Great Thanksgiving Day book line-up! I love how you staged them near the fireplace. We still have snow here in Colorado so I could almost feel the warmth! May I recommend another book? One that I wrote based on childhood memories – The Night Before Thanksgiving.

  2. It would be wonderful if you could add my upcoming book, available December 1st, to this list. Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You, Pauline Books and Media,2015, helps establish a nightly routine of gratitude. At the end of the book, children will want to offer up their own five things they are grateful for, Thanksgiving and all throughout the year!

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