Ten Tiny Tadpoles, “Books That Make a Splash”

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Since Tadpoles live in freshwater, I had to change my title a bit from “Books to Sea” to  “Books That Make a Splash” so it still fits our ocean theme this week, but it’s more scientifically accurate. I love the ocean, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, sea creatures, aquariums, and anything related to those wonderful creations. I like to start my kids off immediately loving them too. Our first born son’s baby room was decorated with the ocean theme, so he feel to sleep each night with a fish net holding stuffed animal crabs, dolphins, sting rays, and more hanging from his ceiling, stick-on fish stickers lining his walls, and sailboats on his crib cushions. A more simple but still special way to help kids love and learn about the water-life is by reading them books like this one!

Introducing Our Featured Friend: Ten Tiny Tadpoles
By Debbie Tarbett, Published by Scholastic

When looking for books to help our kids count from 1 to 10, this is one of my favorite finds. The vibrant colors, free-flowing illustrations, cute couplets, and 3D tadpoles make the count down from ten to one fun!

Ten tiny tadpoles, wriggling in a line.
One went chasing dragonflies, so that left . . .
Nine speedy tadpoles, too busy to wait.
One couldn’t quite keep up, so that left . . .

Each page holds the audience’s interest, especially as the rhyme is completed after turning the page. Enjoy your creative countdown with the wonderful water creatures!

2014-07-14 09.40.50   2014-07-14 09.37.28

Inviting You To Become FRIENDS With Ten Tiny Tadpoles:
Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

F- Feel the raised, 3D tadpoles as you turn each page. On the second reading, have your children count the tadpoles as they touch them.
*If your audience is ages 4+, teach them a little bit about braille by telling them that blind friends read by using only their fingers because they can feel raised bumps (like these tadpoles are raised  from the pages). You could even get a book of braille from your local library so they can close their eyes and feel it.

R- Have your children relate the counting of ten to one to other toys, crafts and games you do with  them that teach counting. You can also get a cool spaceship book and/or toy and do a 10-1 countdown to take off.

I- Imagine with your audience (5+) that were asked to write two pages to add to the book, by including numbers 12 and 11. Work on the rhymes and writing together. Do the activity listed with letter E below together first to get you started. Make a list of rhyming words for twelve and eleven, then develop ideas of more water-creatures and illustrations to go with the couplets you compose together.

E- Explore the rhymes in this book by having your kids point out the couplets. Write the two rhyming words beside each other and discuss their sounds by making a list of other words that rhyme with them:
“line, nine” . . . mine, sign, fine, Cline, pine, vine, wine,

N- Navigate your way through the science of tadpoles turning to frogs.

D- Develop some math games for ages 4+ by using this book to jump start your creative counting. Check out these cool ideas and adapt them to your audience:
Shhh! Don’t even tell them you’re working on math skills. They’ll never know!

S- Share a sentimental gift with your family and friends by capturing your child’s ten fingers or toes in a creative way. Check out one of my favorite Facebook Sites:
 Handprint & Footprint Art 


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