VBS, Victoria’s Bible Songs, “100 Read & Sing Devotions”

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Reading & Singing this Summer

Our kids are attending a local VBS, Vacation Bible School, this week and loving it. All over the United States, thousands of kids go to a local church’s Vacation Bible School or a church camp and enjoy stories with correlating songs, crafts, games and team building activities. Since I like to follow the holidays, seasons, and current activities when selecting weekly themes for kids’ books, this week I’m sharing books, videos, and CDs that you may want to pick up for your kiddos when they do VBS (or other church camps). Victoria’s favorite part of VSB today was the songs, so let’s start with a book that she enjoys reading and listening to at bedtime.

Introducing Our Featured Friend: 100 Read & Sing Devotions
Created by Stephen Elkin, Illustrated by Tim O’Connor

Each devotional is two pages with the following format: Title of song, story fitting the song, “Word Watch” which is a Bible verse, and then on the second page, a picture and prayer illustrating the song and story. Often, kids have a hard time remembering what they read, so the 2 CDs featuring the Bible songs, make the stories both meaningful and memorable. Reading this together in the morning, lunch time, or before bed and then playing the song on the CD is a great routine to establish with your kids. Research shows that it takes about 14 days to establish a habit and since there are 100 of these devotions, you’re set!

Inviting You to Become FRIENDS with 1 Bible Song Each Day.
7 Song Titles from Our Featured Friend:

or Such a Time as This, Ester

ainbows, Noah

Am Growing, Jesus

E verybody Ought to Know, Jesus

N ow the Day is Over, Prayer

D o Remember, Communion

S ong of the Prodigal Son, Forgiveness

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Lord, I want my heart to be in tune with Yours! Amen

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More Songs to Sing

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