Lullabies for Little Ones, Usborne & Scholastic Summer Selections

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Rocking My Little One to These Tales & Tunes

Featured Friends: Usborne Books Selected

Recently I hosted an on-line Usborne book party and had such a cool experience shopping for books with my friends. I have one child that I can still rock while I read to him. These are the books I selected for our 2 1/2 year old and he loves them; I know because he hands them to me, then sits perfectly still in my lap when I read them to him. Treasuring these moments!

Introducing Our 3 Featured Friends:

Usborne Little Children’s Bedtime Music Book
This precious 8 page book with 6 soothing tunes to go with the story is a perfect way to rock a little one to sleep. I like that this musical button book is “classical” in style and includes the violin, guitar, horn, xylophone, clarinet, and flute. Kids can learn the name and sounds of the instruments while enjoying relaxing before rest.  Super Soothing.
Ages Infants to 4

*The Next 2 Books Compliment Each Other: An Usborne & A Scholastic Selection:

The Usborne Book of Lullabies (With CD)
This board book with 5 tabs features the lyrics and lovely illustrations for 7 lullabies including: Twinkle twinkle, little star, I see the moon, All the pretty horses, Bye baby bunting, Golden slumbers, and Sleep, baby, sleep. The instrumental CD includes these plus several other songs. We enjoy playing the CD while rocking and singing. I don’t know all the tunes, so the CD helps me stay in tune! Super Sweet!
Ages Infants to 4

If You Were My Bunny by Kate McMullan, Illustrated by David McPhail, Scholastic
Of all the lullaby stories we’ve checked out from our library, this is our favorite. Yes, we bought this one. Kate McMullan organizes it brilliantly: 5 featured mommy and baby animals (including bunnies, bears, cats, ducks and dogs) with 5 “If you were my . . .” stories, and 5  correlating lullaby tunes with her animal lullaby lyrics. For example, my favorite one is the bear cub with Mommy bear. First McMullan tells their story:

“If you were my bear cub and I were your mama bear, I’d scoop honey from a hive inside a hollow tree and let you lick it from my paw.
Then I’d sniff a storm in the air and race you through the first fat raindrops back to our cave, where I’d nuzzle you and whuffle you a song.”

Then she writes mommy bear and cub lyrics to the tune of “Sleep, Baby, Sleep”. We like to play the CD from the Usborne book and sing these lyrics:

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This illustration of mama bear protecting her cub from the storm is such a comforting picture, especially on stormy night or after a difficult day.

She closes her book with mommy and son together:

2014-06-20 10.07.47

This illustration captures the heart of a mother.

Super Snuggly. Ages Infants to 4


2014-06-13 20.58.17

Three Sweet & Soothing Sleepy Time Treasures!

To order any of these or other Usborne Books, visit: and any order under $65 is only $5 in shipping. Usborne Rep: Catherine Perdomo

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