Usborne Week: Art & Activities

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Kidsbook Friends~ Featured Friend~

Featured Friend: Big Book of Playtime Activities by Ray Gibson

Art is one of our favorite things to do as family. As much as we like to come up with our own creations, we need new ideas that are simple, fun, (and not too messy for momma). This summer, we are going to use this book during the kids’ “room time”, AKA “Mommy’s nap time”. Check out a sample of the choices inside this book:

U nique arts & crafts for kids using crayons, cutting, counting, and lots of creativity:
S nake
card, Snow picture, and a Spoon princess
B ig
bugs, Big trucks, and a Big-nosed clown
O ctopus  puppet, an Owl in a tree, and Oval-shaped sheep
R eindeer, Rabbits, and a Rocket
N ecklace noodles, Number fun, and Nature scenes
E gg-carton crafts, Even-numbered designs, and Exploding-colored fireworks

2014.May 11.Usborne Books.PrunningGarden 012


2014.May 11.Usborne Books.PrunningGarden 011


2014.May 11.Usborne Books.PrunningGarden 010


Christian couldn’t wait until the summer to stART:


 You are invited to join the on-line party as we’d love to have our Kidsbook Friends friends together for an evening! Here’s the link to RSVP and come:
For my subscribers to that are NOT on Facebook, you are invited to shop my Usborne party using this website link:
*Your attendance will help Daniel and April Smith as our family will be donating $10/guest directly to the Smith family as they recover from their loss due to the recent Arkansas tornado.
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