Usborne Week: Science for EveryBODY

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This week on Kidsbook Friends, I’ll be featuring Usborne Books as I’m hosting an on-line party this Thursday, May 15 from 9-10pm with Usborne Consultant, Catherine Perdomo. Enjoy brief blog posts featuring the titles that our kids have come to love over the years. You may want to browse and buy some for your children or students.

Featured Friend: See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes and Colin King

See Inside Your Body by Usborne is great for helping kids understand more about their complex bodies in a simplified, interesting way. Here’s what’s inside:

U nique ways to learn about our amazing bodies with over 50 lift the flap features . . .
S enses
B ones and muscles
O xygen pathways~ breathing air
R eceiving messages~ brain power
N erves
E ating and Excreting . . . and much more!

Usborne has a cool website where you can interact more with this book through games, activities, and more. Check out their “Quick Links”:

I hope that everyBODY enjoys this book!

2014.May 11.Usborne Books.PrunningGarden 016

You are invited to join the on-line party as we’d love to have our Kidsbook Friends friends together for an evening! Here’s the link to RSVP and come:
*Your attendance will help Daniel and April Smith as our family will be donating $10/guest directly to the Smith family as they recover from their loss due to the recent Arkansas tornado.


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