Poetry Lessons: Hero Poems, “Heroes Around Me”

Poetry Lessons, Free Printables & Student Model Poems

Hi Friends,
I’m thrilled to share the poetry lessons my 7th graders just completed. They rocked poetry. As a teacher, I loooove when teachers share ideas with downloadable worksheets, so that’s what you’ll get below! Most of all, I’m excited to publish my students’ model poems. Enjoy the Learning Experience & Leading Examples. 

Poetry is Music & Music is Poetry.

Learning Experience: Hero Poem

Lesson Plan Step-by-Step

Model Texts taken from HEROES and SHE-ROES

  • Students brainstorm questions & answers about heroes and she-roes:
    • What do you think of when you hear the word hero?
    • What qualities make a hero?
    • Who is a hero to you, either someone you know personally or someone famous?
    • How can you be a hero?
  • Students read the collection of poetry in model text aloud in groups or with the class.
  • Discuss the figurative language/literary devices discovered in the poems:
  • Write your own Hero Poem! 
    • Select a hero, she-roe, or write about heroes in general
    • Rough draft, peer edit, revise, final draft, add image or draw an illustration
  • (Enter the final drafts of poems in our school’s  PTA Reflections Contest)

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Purchase Model Text on Amazon

Leading Examples: Model Poems by My Students

Click on the Poem to Enlarge! Enjoy these young poets’ work . . .

Mason Horton, Beginner ESL student. Poem in English & Russian Couldn’t be prouder of him!

Reading our model text together:


Don’t miss the upcoming posts: Animal Poems, Emotion Poems, Haiku & Limericks!

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5 Responses to Poetry Lessons: Hero Poems, “Heroes Around Me”

  1. Laura says:

    This makes me so proud of our Sunnyvale 7th grade! We have such thoughtful and intelligent young poets. Thanks for bringing out the best in them!

  2. Toni Wilson says:

    What wonderful work! I am so impressed with the students’ creativity and writing skills. Thank your for sharing the students’ poems! We so appreciate all you do for the students.

  3. Sara James says:

    Wow! I’m truly amazed by the young poets in your class. These poems are creative, smart, thought-provoking and very enjoyable to read! Great job! I’m looking forward to reading more. ❤️

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