My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, “Fingers + Paint = Masterpieces”


A book that inspires kids to do art and crafts is a book to read often. Such is the case with My Fingerpaint Masterpiece. The first question out of my kids’ mouths when we read this rhyming picture books was, “Can we paint now too?” Answer: “Absolutely”. Enjoy a creative book for such a wide range of ages.

Introducing Our Featured Friend: My Fingerpaint Masterpiece
by Sherrill S. Cannon

When Ms. Gallagher’s class created their own fingerpaintings, Jimmy tried to paint his dog. On his way home, the print flew out of his hand and the wind carried it into The Rainbow Connection, an art dealer’s store. He saw it land on the pile of art work done by real artists. Already late for home, Jimmy decided to let it go and try to beat the oncoming rain. Much to his surprise, the following week, he discovered his fingerpainting framed and in the art exhibit displayed at the mall! Jimmy was even more surprised when the judges not only stopped to study his piece, but also picked his print as the winner.

The crowd began saying what they thought they saw in the picture . . . “the sun, a bird, a flower, a frog” . . . until finally Jimmy shouted out “No, it’s really my dog.” But they didn’t see a dog, and they did not see a signature!  No one believed that Jimmy painted the print because the judges did not think a child could really win a real art contest. Now Jimmy understood why Ms. Gallagher told her students to always sign each art piece. He wished he remembered to sign his work! But, Jimmy and Ms. Gallagher’s class knew the truth. And anytime they wanted to see Jimmy’s fingerpaint masterpiece they could go to the art gallery where it was permanently displayed.


Inviting You To Become FRIENDS with Jimmy:
A Little Lesson Plan for School, Home, or Story Time

Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

F- How do you feel when someone likes your artwork?

R- Can you relate to Jimmy when he tried to paint his dog but others thought it was something else. What have you tried drawing or painting that could look like something else?

I- Imagine that you could enter any artwork in a contest. Which of your prints would you select? If you have not done one yet, what would you like to paint?

E- Explore Ed Emberley’s Complete FunPrint Drawing Book and discover creative animals, objects, flowers, figures, and more that you can make with your fingers and paint:

Fingerprint Artist’s Stamp Pad Fingerprint Artist’s Stamp Pad


N- Navigate your way through one of our favorite sites for art ideas:

D- Develop your own art gallery in your room to display your favorite masterpieces. You could even organize a neighborhood art show!

S- Share your art by making fingerpaint masterpiece cards for your friends for occasions like birthdays. A homemade card is a true treasure.

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  1. This is great. Sharing with my daughter.

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