Reaching Rowdy Readers, Reading Club Lesson Plans: Easter

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Welcome to Kidsbook Friends Reading Club!


Theme: Easter

Read Aloud Titles/ New Friends:

  • The Easter Egg by Jan Brett
  • The Best Thing About Easter by Christine Harder Tangvald, Illustrated by Kathy Couri
  • 10 Easter Egg Hunters by Janet Schulman, Illustrated by Linda Davick
  • The Easter Chick by Feraldine Elschner, Illustrated by Alexandra Junge

Little Lessons:

Easter egg designs (art), Meaning of Easter (religion), Counting to 10 (math), Days of the Week.


Easter bunny hop race  to a candy-filled Easter egg!


Easter Egg Maracas- Fill an Easter egg with rice and place filled egg between two spoons, using the spoon handles as the holders. Then wrap duct tape around the egg/top of spoons to secure. Shake!


Easter by Brian and Terri Kinder, Special Days Plus CD


Easter bunny sugar cookies and Robin Eggs (perfect for Jan Brett’s book)!

Share Your New Friends with Your Friends:

Picture of each child wearing bunny ears and holding THE EASTER BUNNY!
(Our real rabbit, Marshmallow)

Supply List: Books, bunny ears, candy-filled Easter eggs, Easter eggs, rice, duct tape, CD, CD Player, cookies, our bunny in cage!

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Special Days Plus, Brian Kinder



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  1. Natasha Wing says:

    Happy The Night Before Easter!

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