Chickies Series Board Books, “CHEEP Books are the Best!”

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Why did the CHICKIE cross the road? To meet his CHICKIE friends for DINNERTIME! . . . and NOT at Chick-fil-a. “Dinnertime, Chickies. Let’s all eat.”

Dinnertime for Chickies, Pottytime for Chickies, Bedtime for Chickies, and Trasler’s New Release, A New Chick for Chickies

“You are NOT getting up from the table until you’ve tried everything on your plate.”
“Just take one bite, even if you have to close your eyes AND hold your nose!”
“You don’t have to go sleep, just close your eyes and STAY in your bed!”.

Sound familiar? Oh, yes! The common struggles of families with young kiddos. Dinnertime and bedtime are supposed to cultivate special bonding times, but too often, they don’t turn out that way.

Check out the what happens to the chickies when it’s dinnertime and bedtime. Better yet, go to and sing with them!

Introducing Our Featured Friends: Chickies
by Janee Trasler

Dinnertime for Chickies shows the chickies’ reluctance to try new foods until their friends sheep, cow, and pig help them give it a try. Each dinnertime, the chickies discover something they like and overcome all their excuses! They barely have enough room for dessert because they’ve eaten their meal. Anybody want this crew come over to help you with your kids? I do!

Dinnertime, Chickies. Let’s all eat.
Wash your wings and take a seat.

We can’t eat this.  It’s too drippy.
We want something chocolate chippy.

Just one pint-sized, peewee-peck?
You might like it. You should check.

Mmmmmmm . . .
Pass the meatballs. Pass the Peas.
Pass the macaroni please.

Bedtime for Chickies shows the LONG process of the bedtime routine. Sheep, pig, and cow try to get the Chickies down to sleep, but with each attempt, they need something else. First they are thirsty; then they need to go potty; next they need a bedtime story, and finally they fall asleep. Sound familiar? Trasler sums up our kids’ routine quite well. How about yours?

It’s bedtime for chickies.
It’s bedtime for sheep.
It’s bedtime for pig and cow.
Let’s all go to . . .

Cheep, cheep, cheep.
We can’t sleep.
We’re thirsty.

“All done!” the chickies sqeak.
Don’t forget to wipe your beak.

Pottytime for Chickies shows the chickies trying to figure out what the potty is for! First, they get in the toilet water and splash! Piggy politely mops up the water. Next, they play with the toilet paper. Cow kindly cleans up the paper. Then, they jump off the potty and bounce on the towels. Sheep sweetly gives them a hug and removes the towels. Finally they figure out what the potty is for and go “tinkle”. Cow, pig, and sheep cheer! I’m teaching my two-year-old this song and reading him the book often as we are in the midst of potty training! Anybody with me?

Pottytime, Chickies. Fun, fun, fun.
Hop on the potty and get the job done.

Goodbye, Pig. Shut the door.
We know what the potty’s for.


Oh no, Chickies. Pat. Pat. Pat.
Pottytime is NOT for that.

A New Chick for Chickies is one you just have to hear:
If you are looking for a baby shower gift for a mom having her second (or third, fourth, fifth child . . . you get the idea), then THIS BOOK is it! OR if you are trying to get your kids ready for another brother or sister in your family, they’ll love this book/song. (Warning: Song is addictive! We listened to this song SO many times that my youngest child told a friend he was going to be a brother . . . I had to dispel that rumor quickly!)

My favorite technique that Trasler uses in all four books is the problem/solution handled in each section, followed by a  refrain, making it easy to follow and to sing. Trasler’s books are quick, clever, and fun. Plus, they’ll help you take a fresh LEAP with a CHEEP into those daily routines! Enjoy.

Inviting You to Become FRIENDS with Chickies:

Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

Select a couple of questions and activities to do with your kids or class:

F- How do you feel about trying new foods at mealtimes (and not just desserts!).

R- Can you relate to the chickies with your bedtime routine? What do you do before going to sleep each night?

I- Imagine that you get to write a chickie book. What would you like to see the chickies and their friends try next? What would you title the book?

E- Explore all four books in song: Which one is your favorite tune?

N- Navigate baby chick to his mother in this game:

D- Develop a list of foods you’ve never tried before and put a star by the ones you are most willing to try! Pick up a few next time you are at the grocery store.

S- Share Trasler’s new book and song, A New Chick for Chickies, with  kids that have or are going to have a new brother or sister. Talk about the good things having another sibling will bring!

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