The Sleepy Dragon, “A Good Knight’s Sleep”

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“Now this is going to be the most important step to getting to sleep,” she said. “Start thinking about all the things you love doing and seeing.”

The Sleepy Dragon

Finding a book that teaches lessons for many ages and comprehension levels is a gem. The Sleepy Dragon is one of these treasures as it’s great for helping little kids fall asleep and big kids face fears. Knight Kimothin gives helpful hints on how to have the best night’s sleep and shows us that sometimes what we fear the most can actually turn out to be unexpectedly fantastic.

Introducing Our Featured Friend: The Sleepy Dragon
By Amanda Bannikov, Illustrated by Holly N. Wright

In the Kingdom of Smesselleo, strong and brave Knight Kimothin was not feeling so strong and brave. After being teased by her friends because she had not slain a dragon, she set off to prove her bravery. Determined to discover and conquer a dragon, her quest led her to one final place to search: a cave on top of a mountain.

The last cave contained the dragon. With her shiny new sword in hand, she was prepared . . . until the dragon began chasing her! The chase came to a halt when Knight Kimothin heard the dragon shouting “Stop, please stop running! I need your help.”
Wondering what she could possibly do to help a dragon, she yielded to his request.

“The dragon replied, ‘My name is Tippy, and I was hoping that you could help me get to sleep. I have been awake for days because I just can’t fall asleep.’ “

Knight Kimothin agreed to help and began by looking  over his cave  to see what he needed: a pillow and blanket. They found a good rock for a pillow (as that suites dragons) and made a big blanket out of grass. Once Tippy got all cozy, Knight Kimothin gave him the final ingredient for a good night’s sleep:

” ‘Now, this is going to be the most important step to getting to sleep,’ she said.
‘Start thinking about all the things you love doing and seeing.’
Tippy the dragon, with his eyes closed, started to imagine himself playing in the forest with his friends, swimming in the river, smelling the flowers in the meadows, and before he knew it, he was fast asleep.”

In return for her kindness, Tippy returned to Kimothin’s Kingdom to show her friends that dragons are NOT so scary and mean. He spent his days protecting the Kingdom so that they could all live happily ever after.

Inviting You To Become FRIENDS With Knight Kimothin & Tippy:
Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

Select a question or activity to do with your children, clients, or class:

F- When do you feel afraid? Like Knight Kimothin, you might find that what you fear is actually not so bad. For example, if you fear going to school, taking a test, or trying out for a team, you may find that what seems so big and scary is actually fantastic. Give it a try! *And remember, you don’t need to impress any one. Just do your best for you!

R- Can you relate to Tippy’s troubles with falling asleep at night? Talk about the top 5 things you love doing or seeing. Think about those when you go to bed and before long, you’ll be dosing and dreaming.

I- Imagine you get to have a dragon as a friend: What’s your dragon’s name? Where will you ride your dragon? Which of your friends will your dragon get to meet?

E- Explore 40 Children’s Books that Teach CourageCreative With Kids
Age ranges from infant to elementary! Perfect for character building lessons around Memorial Day and other holidays celebrating our country”. . . Reposted by Creative with Kids

N- Navigate places dragons could live the next time you are on a road trip or hike. When you see deep forests, caves, large mountains, rocks or maybe something unique, that may be where your dragon lives!

D- Develop ideas for another adventure for Knight Kimothin and Tippy to experience together and submit your ideas to the author, Amanda Bannikov. She’d love to hear from YOU! Facebook Message: Amanda Bannikov – Children’s Book Author

S- Share The Sleepy Dragon with your kids and class. Get your copy today:

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