Kidbook Clip: “Usborne Week, Post-Party Peak”


Usborne On-line Party led by Catherine Perdomo, Rep Kidsbook Friends After-Party Post

Good morning Kidsbook Friends,
Last night I hosted my first one hour on-line party ever and wasn’t sure what to expect. Thought I’d share the process as it was so cool and may inspire you to host your own party!
After logging into Facebook and clicking the link for the Usborne Books On-Line Party Event, here’s how it went:

30 Minutes Until Party Time:

10 Minutes Until Party Time:

Let’s Get the Party Started:

Following the fun “roll call”, the sharing begins:
Here is a REALLY cool book! The pictures are hidden until they are under the light! We also have a beach themed one that just came out! The link will show you the inside of the book:

Picture of Secrets of the Apple Tree

Keep the Party Going:

These books are great for kids 7+ years old! We have them on about every topic! Great Homework helpers too!

Picture of Fighter Planes - IRPicture of Motorcycles IRPicture of Race Cars IRPicture of SpacePicture of SpyingPicture of Submarines IL

See all 10 on video. Can purchase books separately or as a set. Geared for ages 8+

. . . This type of posting continued and it was so fun to see what questions, comments, and interests my friends posted. . .

Closing the Party:

Many guests made their purchases at the party, but it’s open for 24 hours! Here’s the closing message from our awesome Rep, Catherine Perdomo:

Ok, all of you awesome friends! This is my last “official” party post. I had a great time and thanks so much to Angela Henderson for hosting! Happy shopping and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I’ll be here on the event page for the next hour or so and after that just tag me in a post and I’d be happy to answer any questions that come up. Happy shopping and the party will remain open until 9pm tomorrow night unless we have a request to keep it open longer here is the link to shop:

Hosting an On-Line Party:

Even if you weren’t able to attend the party, if you find this interesting and would like to do your own party, message me at

Here’s what my three inspirations, Christian (8), Victoria (6), and Andrew (2) are already reading.  I can’t wait to add more from the party to this collection:


The Best for Last:

We are donating $150 to Daniel and April Smith as we had 15 of us together on-line yesterday! If anyone else shops today, we will add $10/shopper to this donation. If you’d like to make a personal donation directly to this family, go to and Click on “The Smith Family”.

Here’s an excerpt from my blog post:
April’s Showers May Bring New Flowers~ A True Story from the Storms

I read a story titled “The Cheerleader” about a woman named April who recently lost her home and two young sons in a tornado in Arkansas.

After reading about her loss, it didn’t seem right for me to go about my business as usual. I needed some time to process what I read. The timing of her story was so close to my recent blog post about a storm our family weathered a few years ago when I lost my mother to cancer (titled April Showers . . . Bring May Flowers). Writing about my mother’s death and how gardening helped me find hope during that loss, made me sensitive to April’s suffering and prayerful that she would continue to find hope. . .

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Thank You Friends! Sincerely, Angela Henderson






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  1. Christine W says:

    Very fun!

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