Little White Rabbit, “An Imaginative Friend”

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Introducing Our Featured Friend: Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes jumped off the library shelf into my check out bag because of the illustrations. I typically select books because of the art. Then if I also like the story line, I go back and get everything I can by the author. (I’ve also looked for books by illustrator, and in this case, Kevin Henkes is gifted to be both the writer and illustrator). Next, I purchase my favorites and this book is one that I purchased for Easter, but could also be a great Mother’s Day book.

This story has many similarities to Monday’s Featured Friend, The Runaway Bunny in that both bunnies go exploring and both end up back home with their mother. While the little white rabbit hopped through his journey, he wondered what it would be like to have the qualities of what he saw: to be green like the high grass, tall like the fir trees, unable to move like the rock, and able to fly like the butterflies. His exploration ended when he hopped by a cat. He was so frightened that he took off towards home. Even after all that he imagined during his journey, he still wondered many things, “but he didn’t wonder who loved him.” (Illustration of Mommy Rabbit with her little white rabbit back at home).

Inviting You to Become FRIENDS with Little White Rabbit:
Select a few of the suggested questions or activities to do with your children or students, or let each child select a couple of them to do and present to his/her family or class.

Feel, Relate, Imagine, Explore, Navigate, Develop, Share

F- What do you feel like changing about yourself sometimes to be like someone or something around you?

R- When can you relate to wondering what it would be like to be different (e.g. taller/shorter)?

IImagine that you could have a quality of any animal or any object, what would you pick (e.g. to fly, to be still).

E- Explore your local library or book store for other books by Kevin Henkes as he was awarded the Caldecott Medal for Kitten’s First Full Moon and other titles.

N- Navigate the route of the little white rabbit’s journey by drawing the pictures in chronological order with arrows pointing him in the right direction. Make it look like a map instead of a linear timeline of events.

D- Develop an illustration with water color or colored pencil based on your favorite one in the book.

S- Share with you child that he/she will always have someone that will love him/her . . . YOU!

I discovered this book when Christian was in Kindergarten and we did the “D” activity together when he came home from a more difficult day at school. We had a good time “unwinding” together at the kitchen table drawing and painting, not really even talking.  . . just being together and enjoying “being illustrators.  Imagining.

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Illustrator: Kevin Henkes


2014.EasterBlogPictures 011

Illustrator: Christian Henderson,       5 years old

2014.EasterBlogPictures 009

Illustrator: Mommy




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